1.  Spring 2019 Newsletter

2.  The ODA Annual General Meeting 2019

3.   The Old Dominicans’ Annual Dinner 2019 

Dear All

The AGM and Annual Dinner is now listed on the Subscribed Members Pages and Events Calendar, but as ever, is open to all members, (subject to availability).  

Full details are in the ODA Subscribers’ News and events Pages, and in the Spring 2019 Newsletter which has been issued to subscribers this week.  

Electronic-copy Subscribers to the Newsletter should have received theirs by email already, but given the UK Bank Holidays, there will be a delay in the postal delivery of the hardcopies to those subscribed members who opted for that version.  As always, the digital archive will also hold an electronic copy of the Newsletter as well.

Any questions or issues,  please contact us.  



Posted 4 weeks ago


Dear All

As there is much to discuss before the forthcoming AGM we intend to meet up this Friday 26th April at 10 am. for an informal breakfast meeting.

Full details in the ODA MEMBERS’ Calendar and the ODA Members’ News Page, otherwise contact us.  

ODA Admin

Posted 4 weeks ago

RUCKSACK WALKS - Spring / Summer 2019            

Please note that the ODA Subscribed Members’ Events Calendar and the ODA Members News and Events Page have been updated with all our upcomming walks.  

If you wish to join us, either check those pages for details, or if you’re not a current subscriber, please get in touch - all are welcome! 

Posted 7 weeks ago


We’ve recently been trying to communicate with registered ODA members via the email addresses you’ve previously provided, only to find they are not active mailboxes.  It seems the issues include mistyped addresses, missing ‘dots’, letters, numbers or incorrect domain addresses, as well as members changing their email addresses completely and forgetting to tell us - all of which is understandable, but it stops us from serving those members as we would wish.  

Where possible, when this has occurred, we’ve tried variations of the email addresses that you gave us, and have occasionally struck lucky, but there are many ODA members out there with whom we seem to have lost all contact with;  IS THAT YOU?  If so, please let us know!

So,  with that in mind, if you’ve not heard from us in a while, and are wondering why - perhaps this problem is relevant, in which case, could you please contact us, either on the contact details you’ll see for me on a recent Newsletter, or, via the ‘CONTACT US’ page of this website.  

Many thanks!

Hefin Williams

ODA Archives and Membership Coordinator

Posted 15 weeks ago


The list of walks our ‘rucksack’ walks, from October 2018 to March 2019 have been published on the Members Calendar and Bulletin Board - if you're not a subscribed member, or cannot access those pages, please contact us if you’d like to accompany us.


Posted 34 weeks ago

Summer 2018 Newsletter

The above newsletter has just been posted - so our Subscribers should receive them soon, with the obvious delays for overseas postings…

Your Newsletter has Your New Username and Password for the Members Only pages of the website - so look out for that, although a few of our subscribers have had to have a new one issued - so if the one in the Newsletter Fails, check your Email inboxes, please, we’ve issued you another!

So, if you’ve not had anything from us soon, be that by email, or by post, it may be that your contact details or subscription need updating

Any problems, please get in touch ASAP!

Many Thanks


Posted 34 weeks ago

GDPR Issues 

The Law is changing and whilst it is intended for commercial operators, the ODA have embraced the GDPR ethos, expanding upon the previous practices we implemented, where our members, friends, and subscribers have the choice of controlling whether we contact you, or not.

We’ve already sent GDPR related communications to all who have registered an email address with us - but, if you’ve not had that email - please note the following message:

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


You may have gathered that the law relating to Data Protection is changing, on the 25th of May 2018…  

To that end,  please Open this form (HERE) and then click either:

  • YES…  If you’re happy to continue receiving electronic messages from us once your current subscription ends


  • NO… if you’d rather not receive further communications from us once your current subscription ends.

If we don’t receive any instruction from you on how to proceed, we will assume you don't wish to receive any further communication from us, and so your membership listing will become ‘doormant’.  Those who have previously resigned from the ODA may ignore this message, as we will not contact you unless you message us first.

Many thanks in anticipation,

Kind regards



Posted 52 weeks ago

Spring 2018 newsletter

Dear All

The above newsletter has now been dispatched, so please keep an eye out for it during the next week or so - email recipients should already have had theirs, and Overseas members may take a little longer.

Please note that the 2018/19 subscription  period commences on April 1st - so please can you look out for the renewal instructions that’s with the newsletter

Any problems, please get in touch!

Many thanks and kind regards

Hefin Williams

Archivist and Membership Coordinator

Posted 60 weeks ago

The ODA Annual Dinner 2018

By popular acclaim, the Annual Dinner will be held on 5/5/2018, at the Teras Restaurant of Bangor University at 6:00 pm for 6:30 pm.  

A copy of the menu and full details will be available in the Spring 2018 Newsletter; details also available via the Members News and Events Page HERE

Peter Roberts

ODA Secretary

Posted 60 weeks ago
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