ODA Xmas Lunch

A few of the members met for a lovely lunch at the Old Friars Building during December 2016 - photos available on the Members’ News Pages

February 20th 2017

ODA Plaque Unveiling

Futher to the recent ceremony at Nantporth, here is an article, published in this weeks North Wales Chronicle:  https://goo.gl/photos/rp1KeEpomC4PzsMz9 

December 5th 2016

Unveiling the ODA Memorial Plaque at Bangor City FC

On Tuesday the 8th of November 2016, at 10:15 am, at Nantporth (The new Bangor City Football Stadium, at Holyhead Road), Mr. Cledwyn Jones our President, will unveil the memorial plaque donated by The Old Dominicans Association to Bangor City Football club. This in memory of all Friars School Pupils who played for the club.

Next year 2017, marks the 460th anniversary of the forming of Friars School, one of the oldest Schools in Wales.

November 3rd 2016

ODA Christmas Lunch / Cinio Nadolig 2016

Log into the Members only Page to view the details and book your place:  http://oldda.synthasite.com/news-and-events—members-only.php

October 6th 2016

Breakfast Get Together

22/9/2016 - 10:30 - See Details on the ODA Events Calendar:  http://oldda.synthasite.com/oda-members-calendar.php

September 22nd 2016

Cylchgrawn yr Haf / Summer Newsletter 2016

Keep an eye out for the Latest Newsletter.  The Digital copies have already been sent, and for those of you who’ve opted for the Hardcopy version, they’re now on their way to you.

Also… The log-in for the members pages of the website has changed - so look  out for your new details with your mailing. 

Any problems…  get in touch!

August 25th 2016

Rucksack Walk 24/8/16

For Details, see HERE:  http://oldda.synthasite.com/news-and-events—members-only.php

August 25th 2016

Calling Lapsed Members

Dear All,

We’ve been trying to contact you recently - but we’ve had a lot of ‘e-mail failure notices’ in relation to addresses you’ve registered with us in the past - which makes it difficult for us to contact you.  

Your membership may well have lapsed and so you wont have the current log in details for this website, nor will you have received the latest Newsletters…  So, if that sounds like you and you’ve not heard from us in a while - Please get in touch - you can either contact us HERE or even better - follow the instructions HERE 

Many thanks!


August 23rd 2016

2016/17 Membership Renewal Reminder

                                             Old Dominicans Association                                                      

Dear All,

Those of you who are yet to renew your memberships may have either had an e-mail, or a letter to remind you that subs are now due.  If not - please get in touch.

If you’ve not already done so, dont worry - you have time!   Please follow the instructions in your last newsletter, or if you prefer, you may also subscribe via our ‘PayPal’ Page HERE

July 27th 2016

ODA Membership Renewal Reminder

Dear All,

Please Be reminded that the Subscription Renewal Date has again fallen upon us…  If you are a current Member and Wish to continue to receive your Newsletters, or if your a New Member and wish to Join…  Please Get in Touch!



April 4th 2016
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