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Important / Pwysig


This is a Two Step Process

1.  Provide or Update your Details.

2.  Make your Payment if you wish to subscribe to our Newsletter and to access the 'members only' pages of this website.

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  • 'LAPSED MEMBERS' : To be sure we have your latest details, please go  HERE  first, before proceeding to 'Step 2'.
  • Current Subscribers : You may proceed straight to 'Step 2'  -  however,  if your contact details have changed, or need correcting then please go HERE first, before proceeding to Step 2. 


Once you're satisfied that we have your current contact details (Step 1), then select your preferred membership / subscription type. 

PayPal customers may add that 'item' to your 'cart' (see below), then follow the prompts to complete the PayPal transaction.  Please look out for the PayPal section that allows you to send us your Name and contact details, so that we know who you are and why you're paying us...                   

e.g type:  'YOUR NAME - ODA SUBSCRIPTION 201?'  (This is particularly important if you're not paying via your personal, PayPal registed account. 


Other Payment Options :  You may also complete Step 2 by paying for your subscription by other 'traditional' methods, however PayPal offers a convenient alternative to many members.  However, please note that PayPal do charge the ODA per transaction, so as a non-profit association staffed by volunteers, we respectfully request that members who wish to use this facility, help us to keep our running costs down by covering those PayPal charges please.  We've already added the charge to the PayPal pricing as listed, which is why these prices are a little higher than the alternative payment options.  

As ever, you can always pay your ODA subscriptions by other, long-standing options of your choice.  See our 'Payment Information sheet'  HERE  for those details.

Otherwise... Select your Membership Preference from the following options:


Subscription and Membership Types:

Full Member

£ 12.80 

Intended for UK Based Members who wish to access the member's only pages of the ODA Website, and to receive either an Electronic or a Hard-copy of our Three-Times-a-Year Newsletter, plus voting rights. 

ALSO for Overseas Members who only wish to receive an Electronic Copy of the Newsletter; (hard-copy options to overseas members will incur more cost given postage).  

Specify your Newsletter format preference during your application form submission but that may be changed at any time.


Full Member + Overseas Postage

£ 19.00 

For overseas members who wish to access the member's only pages of the ODA Website, AND to receive a HARDCOPY of our Three-Times-a-Year Newsletter. Otherwise identical to 'Full Member' and Includes full Voting rights.


Friend (Patron+)

£ 12.80 

Intended for UK Based Friends of the ODA who have some sort of link with Friars School, but who were not pupils themselves and who wish to receive a HARDCOPY of Three-Times-a-Year Newsletter. No Vorting Rights.

ALSO for Friends based anywhere who wish to receive an Electronic Copy of the Newsletter without the additional international postage costs of the Hard-copy.  

This memership type permits access to the Members Only Pages of the ODA Website, (but not full membership voting rights). 

At the end of the membership year, this will revert to the standard 'FRIEND' status, unless we're instructed otherwise.


Friend (Patron+) With Overseas Postage

£ 19.00 

Overseas Friends who wish to have access to the Members Only Pages of the ODA Website, and to recive a HARDCOPY of our Three-Times-a-Year Newsletter. No Vorting Rights.

At the end of the membership year, this will revert to the standard 'FRIEND' status, unless we're instructed otherwise.


Friend (Patron)

£ 9.80 

Full Access to the ODA Website for a year, No Hardcopy Newsletters; No Voting Rights.  

Costs 75% of the 'PATRON+' fee.  

At the end of the membership year, this membership type will revert to the standard 'FRIEND' status unless we're instructed otherwise.


Friend (Donor)

£ 0 

Friend (DONOR) :      

Benefits as for 'Friend', however with your generous donation gratefully received helping keep the ODA afloat and contributing towards Friars related good causes.  

Please Click on the ADD TO CART button and then enter a value of your own choice. Alternatively, you may do the same using the DONATE button below

Diolch / Thank You!


To see the full explanation of our many Membership and Subscription Types:  CLICK HERE

Friends of the ODA  /  Cyfeillion Yr Hen Ddominiciad

If you wish to Join us as a 'Friend', we welcome individuals who have any link with the School, other than as a former pupil.   Please ensure that you've completed the ODA Membership Application Form  so that we have your details.

People with familial links with Friars, be that via staff or pupils are welcome to join us as one of four categories of 'Friend':

  • Friend (PATRON+) :  Benefits as for 'PATRON', however with Full Access to our Website AND may receive Hardcopies of our three times a year Newsletters.  No voting rights. Costs the same as Full Membership, which also Lasts for one year.   (NB:  Overseas Patrons will have to pay additional postage costs to receive their hardcopy newsletters -  or opt for electronic newsletter instead).
  • Friend (PATRON) :     Full Access to Website for a year, no Hard Copy Newsletters.  Costs 75% of the 'Patron+ ' fee.  No Voting rights.
  • Friend (DONOR) :      Benefits as for 'Friend', however with your generous donation (large or small!) gratefully received towards Friars related good causes.
  • FRIEND :       No cost and no voting rights.  No Newsletter and No Website access, however with your details logged onto our database, you'll able to join us for most of our activities as you wish - you'll receive the occasional communication from us if you've supplied an email address, and if other members are searching for you, we will act as a point of contact for you, although we will never share your contact details directly.  

*  *  *  * 

As a Donor , we invite you to kindly make an optional donation (a sum of your choice) by clicking onto the 'Donate' Button, below.

As a Friend, if you wish to access the members only sections of the Website, and to receive our Three-Times-a-Year Newsletters, please choose one of the 'Patron' membership types, as listed above.  

People with familial links with Friars, be that via staff or pupils are welcome to join us as one of three categories of 'Friend', however, to access our ever expanding digital archive, we ask that you join us as a 'Patron' level of Friendship, although Friend 'donors' can gain access if their donation is at least 75% of the Patron cost.

You can upgrade your membership status at any time.

For a full explanation of your alternative Payment Method Options - please go : HERE


We gladly, and gratefully welcome Donations / Diolch o Galon am Unrhyw Rhodd

NOTE:   As a Non-Profit organisation that depends upon volunteers to administer its functions, any surplus funds we have is routinely channelled towards Friars School related beneficiaries, be that to celebrate past achievements, or as bursaries for the current Headmaster of Ysgol Friars to award current students, as they see fit. 

Needless to say that all donations are very gratefully received and you don't have to be a member of the ODA to donate.  We never disclose details of donors, unless they've requested it, in which case we would be happy to discuss terms.